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Program, August 9

  • 13h30-14h30 (preliminary) - buses from Cefalý to Polizzi
  • 15h - Marriage ceremony in the Town Hall
  • 16h - Catholic mass in the Chiesa Madre
  • 17h - Cocktail and a Sicilian buffet in the Auditorio
  • 19h30-20h30 (prel) - Bus transport (takes 5-10 min)
  • 21h - Dinner at the Giardino Donna Lavia
  • after dinner (prel 00h-01h) - buses to Cefalý
  • when the party is over (prel 03h-04h) - buses to Cefalý

Toto, who's taking care of the bus transports, also arranges car transports (autonoleggio) for those who live elsewhere (than where the buses go). Do contact us in advance if you will need a ride after the party. Probably we can also arrange it during the evening.

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